3 PAIRS E.A.R Classic Foam Ear Plugs Snore Plugs (Free Same Day Postage)


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Brilliant if your partner snores !!!!

Due to how well these E.A.R plugs expand they are renown for the perfect fit

no other ear plug matches E.A.R plugs !!!


  • The E.A.R ear plug is the most popular ear plug in the World.
  • Moisture resistant perfect for swimming.
  • E.A.R. Classic Ear Plugs expand to the shape of the ear canal in less than one minute and will gently seal the opening all day without discomfort far better than cone shape.!!!!!
  • Made from unique foamed polymer, one size fits all ears.
  • Safe and easy to use. Plugs are washable.
  • Standards: EN352-2
  • SNR Rating SNR28

Price includes VAT & postage       VAT invoice will be made available upon request.

      This listing is for 3 pairs

     text taken from official e.a.r literature

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