Bolle Pilot Safety Goggles – Anti Mist / Scratch – Clear – PILOPSI

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Ultra-flexible TPV housing and wide fully adjustable neoprene strap guarantees the wearer optimum levels of fit and comfort. The “toric” optical class 1 polycarbonate anti scratch and anti fog lens provides an excellent field of view and the lens can be easily and quickly changed. Can be worn over prescription spectacles.
Coatings anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-static
Fits over prescription spectacles
Adjustable strap
Interchangeable lens
Ultra soft frame
EN 166
Just what you would expect from the leading manufacturer of Ski Goggles.
Very popular style & design, worn in all the leading workshops and on work site
One size fits all, unisex design
Ideal for eye protection in almost every industry including building & construction, metal, stone, wood, chemical, glass etc etc

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