Kreg Jig® K5 Master System Joint Clamping Carpentry Tool Set – 336297

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Kreg Jig® K5 Master System

The Kreg Jig® K5 Master System combines the popular Kreg Jig® K5 with premium accessories to create a comprehensive kit to get started with Kreg Joinery™. Accessories include 3″ Automaxx® Face Clamp, Portable Base, Kreg Jig® K5 base with ratcheting front-side clamp, extension wings, swiveling dust-collection port, drill guide block, spacer block, workpiece stop, drill bit set-up block, stepped drill bit, 6″ (152mm) driver bit, stop collar, hex key wrench, starter Kreg® Screw set, starter pocket-hole plug pack, and 3 downloadable project plans.

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